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WHOLESALE PRICE: If you are buying from 5 packets and above, you will get it at ₦700 per packet.


CREATE A DAZZLING SKY: There’s nothing more wondrous to kids of any age than the sky above. Now you can create your own on any ceiling with 100 glow in the dark stars stickers.

GLOW TILL DAWN: We created our glow in the dark stars with an extraordinarily luminous powder called Europium-doped Strontium Aluminate, and we used twice as much as you’ll find elsewhere. The result is that your ceiling stars will remain luminous for up to 15 hours.

STICK AND STAY: With thick and durable stickers, your glowing stars will attach to any wall or ceiling of any texture. Time to go? Simply pull off each piece with no stains and minimum mess.

SPARKLE GUARANTEE: If you’re not thrilled with the quality, staying power or overall glow of our glowing stars, we’re right here with a quick refund or replacement. Glowing stars in your kid’s room is an awesome gift for any curious kid. Order yours today!

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Each pack has 100 pieces of glow in the dark stars and pack of stickers. The quantity and pack of stickers are enough to decorate your walls or ceilings. One pack covers the ceiling of a normal-size bedroom.

Colours: Green, blue and pink

Quantity: 100 pieces per pack

Size: 3.8cm


For best results, do not stick it on glasses and expose it to plenty of direct light. Your stars may glow poorly outdoors or in a bedroom that is not completely dark at night. They attract plenty of light during the daytime and glow all through the night.


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