Electronic LED Mosquito Repellent | Photocatalysis Insects Killer


WHOLESALE PRICE: If you are buying from 5 pieces and above, you will get it at ₦1700 per piece.


  • It uses a high-tech photocatalysis and ultraviolet tubes, resembling a human being’s body temperature to attract mosquitoes and other flying insects, then captures and dehydrate them to death
  • The escape-prevention plastic net design ensures that trapped mosquitoes and other insects have no chance of escaping until they are dehydrated to death
  • This lamp keeps your family safe by keeping your living space bug free and sanitized
  • Perfect for infants and pregnant mothers
  • No dangerous chemicals or sprays, no harm to people
  • Easy to operate, the cover and body are easy to separate for cleaning 
  • Convenient to carry around, also perfect for picnics, outdoor parties, and many other outdoor activities
  • Great for use in the bedroom, office, farm, garden and living room

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1. Turn on the lamp 2-3 hours before you go to sleep. Meanwhile, close the doors and windows, plug and turn on the LED  lamp.

2. Don’t put the lamp in an airy place when it is in use.

Material: ABS + Electronic Components

Available Colors: Pink and Blue

Power: 5W

Rechargeable: No (It doesn’t have batteries)

Voltage: 110-250V


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