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How to Make Money Online Through Local Drop Shipping in Nigeria

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The drop shipping business model allows ecommerce entrepreneurs from around the world to make money online by selling other people’s products without actually stocking them. It’s also one of the fastest means of raising extra capital for your ecommerce or importation business.

Drop shipping is currently one of the hottest and fastest means of making money online and you can start it with little or no capital. To get started, you need to first search for importers or suppliers with unique and hot-selling products in the country and those products must be available in stock. Then market and sell their products at a profitable price to your online (and even offline) customers. Whenever you generate any sales, you remove your profit, purchase the product from the supplier and ask the supplier to deliver the product directly to your customer. That way, you will be making cool profits from your suppliers’ products without keeping any inventory.

If you are interested in the drop shipping business and you are searching for suppliers or importers with unique and hot-selling products in Nigeria, you can start with us. We have unique and hot-selling products listed in our online store and we sell at the most competitive wholesale prices We also offer free drop shipping services to all our customers.

Here’s how you can make money by drop shipping our products:


Market the products listed in our online store to your online and offline customers. Make sure you market and sell them at a profitable price and you don’t need to stock any of our items. Our wholesale prices are also very competitive in the local market.


Whenever you generate any sales, you remove your profit, buy the products from us and feed us with your customer’s details (name, number, delivery address, quantity for each item and other necessary information). You can pay us via wire/bank transfer or cash in-store. Please note that we will charge a delivery fee for each order and you can click here to confirm our delivery rates and duration. Then ping us on WhatsApp (+234 703 0972 415) to confirm your payment, order and customer details.


We will verify and confirm your payments, process your orders and deliver them directly to your customers across Nigeria. You can also send someone or a logistics agent to pick up your orders at any of our retail stores in Lagos and deliver to you or to your customer. Then you repeat the circle starting from Step 1 and continue to make cool money online via the drop shipping business model.

However, if you noticed you’re having a high demand on any of our products, the best thing is to buy that particular product in bulk at a discounted price from us and make more profits. We can help you store the product and process the deliveries from time to time to your customers nationwide. We will NOT charge you any warehousing or processing fee.

Have you started making money via the drop shipping business model?

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online Through Local Drop Shipping in Nigeria

  1. Can you please teach me how to drop ship?

    1. Hello Alex, I have explained the steps you can take to make money through drop shipping our products. However, to really make money via drop shipping, you need to learn how to research for hot-selling products and how to market and sell physical products online.

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