Company Background

Ginax International Enterprises (GIE) was founded in 1991 by Hyginus Ihejirika and incorporated in 1992 in Lagos, Nigeria. The company started out by importing belts and buckles from Thailand and selling at Idumota, Lagos Island. Then over time, it started adding more products to its stock and has been expanding its products list ever since then.

In 1999, Hyginus traveled to China and discovered an amazing import business opportunity in the country. He then started importing most of the company’s products from China and has been doing so ever since then. He has also built good relationships with some of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers in China.

In 2003, Jerry Ihejirika joined the company and incorporated Internet and social media marketing into the company’s marketing mix. In 2005, the company moved its head office and warehouse to its fully-owned office and warehouse at the Article Dealers Association (ADA) Complex in Lagos, and Jerry was then made in-charge of the retail store at Idumota. In 2013, Jerry closed the retail store at Idumota and moved to the ADA Complex.

At first, the Internet was used purely as an online marketing tool but in late 2017, as eCommerce was gaining strength in Nigeria, Jerry created an online store for the company. This enabled customers in Nigeria and across West Africa to be able to shop for items online and get them delivered to their doorstep.

Over the years, the company has built up a strong reputation among new and existing customers in Nigeria and across West Africa for quality products, great customer service and best wholesale prices, something they continue improve on.

Our Warehouse

Our fully-owned warehouse allows us to hold a large amount of stock. Our inventory management and order fulfillment team will allow you or your customers to get orders quickly.

The Future

GIE will continue to uphold its strong reputation for quality products, best wholesale prices, efficient logistics service and great customer support. The also working towards building more retail stores in strategic locations across the country.

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