Are you a major importer of household items, health & fitness products, and phone accessories in Nigeria?

We are offering big importers of household items, health & fitness products, and phone accessories in Nigeria the opportunity to list some of their new, unique and hot-selling products in Ginax Store. Some of your products will be stored in our warehouse and we will process orders received on any of your products.


First Step: Browse through the list of products listed in Ginax Store as we will not accept or advertise a product that has already been listed.

Second Step: Ping Jerry on WhatsApp (+234 703 097 2415) to confirm if there’s any product that’s the same or relating to us that’s about to be listed. If none, discuss with Jerry on the wholesale and retail prices that you would like to fix on your product. Please note that products with high pricing will be rejected.

Third Step: If your listing request is accepted, you will be informed to deliver the products to GIE’s parking store at the Article Dealers Shopping Complex, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria.


1. It must be an imported product and we might request for the shipping and clearing details to confirm it’s actually¬†your own imported products.

2. The minimum order quantity we will accept for any product is 100 pieces and it will be stored in our warehouse in Lagos.

3. The product must be available in stock in Nigeria.

4. The product must be of high-grade quality.

5. The profits generated from the product will be shared on an 80:20 basis. You will take 80% of the total profit while we take the remaining 20% profit.

6. You will give us a minimum of 30 working days to sell off your products.